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Novamaterial was founded in 2012 by
Matilde Lombardi
Matilde Lombardi

From the outset my carrer (Industrial Design in Textile and Fashion) has been influenced by the need to see my own ideas come to life. Thanks to that impulse I have travelled different paths, including promotional product and stage design as well as art, leading me to work for commercial and industry fashion/clothing brands. This has given me a taste for developing industrializable products and expertise in textile materials, especially denim. In parrallel to this, my activity and commitment to academics has increased my interest in research as a tool for design. Currently I am consolidating my passion and experience in design research for soft materials towards a general view of a materials universeas a product of design, not merely as a selection or specification activity. I trully enjoy finding common ground amongst my other related interest, often unexpectedly, as with the emerging field of Food Design, which I form part of from-

with the purpose of uniting and strengthening the different actors and factors interested in
in design innovation for new materials. Combining the passion for design with technological expertise, this
Our Team is composed of:

Direction: Matilde Lombardi y Pedro Reissig; Production: Isabel Mañosa; Business Advisor: Leonardo Viñals; Creative Advisor: Romina Slavich

composed of professionals from
diverse disciplines share and envision a common goal: designing new materials which are succesfull in a global market. Our company is dedicated to
innovating new materials, specializing in
soft materials

Soft materials are defined as those which easily mold and adapt its form, generally known as "textiles", but this new denomination opens the field for innovating with alternative materials and technologies in search of new uses and markets.

geared to a wide range of Design applications; including clothing, fashion, product,
architecture, crafts, decoration, engineering and other performative and decorative uses. We are especially interested in raw materials and processes
from our own region and culture, which is why we work with local sourcing and technologies compatible with our environmental and social concerns.
Our design methodology is proprietary and based on a process we call (R+D+i)design, in which research and devolopment for innovation is boosted by
Design. In this sense the activities so highly valued and recognized as a model for scientific and and technological growth become unified and guided by
design thinking.

Consulting and Special Projects: We offer services for accompanying clients in the analysis, evaluation and creation of new business which involve
soft materials. Our expertise goes beyond company borders, adding value to cultural and educational institutions as well as government and community
services. Special Projects arrise from client requests as well as from our own interests, following the logic and devolpment which each unique
opportunity presents.

Live Materials Library: This is our most succesful and visible Special Project, and the one we consider best representative of our spirit and thinking.
It is a space to bring together and empower creative and productive activities related to new materials, based on workshops, classes, exhibitions,
publications and other activities which advance our objectives guided by (R+D+i)diseño

Intelectual Property: The results of our own research as well as client projects often result in innovation, utility or design patents, and other forms
of Intelectual and/or Industrial Property. The end product of this type of business can mean licensing agreements or partnerships, depending on the
profile and characteristics of each project.
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